How can you get started with high ticket affiliate marketing, and what exactly is it?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of internet marketing in which companies advertise their goods or services through affiliates. Affiliates are paid a commission on every sale they make.

High ticket affiliate marketing, is a sub-niche of affiliate marketing in which affiliates advertise pricey items or services.

There are several advantages to consider before beginning high ticket affiliate marketing. The greatest one is the opportunity to make a significant commission per sale as a result of the higher item pricing.

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What does “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” mean?

The best way to summarize the correct definition of high ticket affiliate marketing would be this:

High-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting high-priced goods or services in exchange for a cut of each sale.

Affiliate marketing usually gives you a commission of 5–10%, but high-ticket affiliate marketing programs can pay you up to 50% or even more per sale. Sometimes, they pay more than what the item was sold for in the first place. When you add that most products are sold for more than $100, you could make a lot of money from each sale.

As an affiliate marketer, learning to get into high-ticket affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider before embarking on a business endeavor. So, let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits and drawbacks of high-ticket affiliate marketing.


The most significant benefit of high-ticket affiliate marketing is the opportunity to make significantly more money. While lower-priced things might undoubtedly earn you money, commissions on higher-priced items are considerably larger. That implies you might potentially earn much more money per sale.

Another big benefit is that high-ticket things are typically simpler to sell than low-ticket ones. People are more inclined to spend a lot of money on something they believe is valuable. As a result, if you can identify and advertise high-quality items, you will most certainly have an easier time earning sales.


There are several possible risks to launching high-ticket affiliate marketing. One disadvantage is that competition might be fierce. If you offer things in a popular niche, you will almost certainly encounter competition from other affiliates seeking to market the same products.

Another possible disadvantage is that finding high-quality items to market might be difficult. While there are many high-quality items available, it may be difficult to locate ones that are worth marketing. You may have to do some research to locate decent things to market, which might take some time.

Examples of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, you should explore advertising a few distinct sorts of items.

Consider some high-ticket affiliate marketing items in numerous web areas such as these:

1. Shopify

Shopify offers an excellent affiliate network, despite the common misconception that it is only an online store builder.

Since Shopify includes all the features necessary to launch a successful online shop, it’s also easy to sell to the correct customer.

Any new clients you bring in as a Shopify affiliate will earn you a 200% commission on their first month’s payment.

2. Fiverr

It’s no surprise that the marketplace that began out selling $5 services now offers jobs for hundreds of dollars and has an affiliate program.

When someone you refer to Fiverr buys a ‘Pro Services’ package, you get $150. The potential earnings are therefore potentially substantial.

As an affiliate marketer for Fiverr, you may earn a lot of money since the site offers a wide variety of services and it’s simple to identify ones that appeal to your target demographic.

3. Amazon

There are many affiliate programs out there, but few are as well-known or as widespread as Amazon Associates. To put it simply, as an Amazon Associate, you are paid a percentage of the purchase price of anything that your referrals buy.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing compensation rates range from 1% to 20%, depending on the category of products being promoted.

4. Clickfunnels

When it comes to software as a service (SaaS) firms, ClickFunnels is among the most rapidly expanding options. Their affiliate program is competitive since it is simple to advertise and offers a steady commission. You may make 40% monthly recurring commission per user using the program.

After the first 30-day refund period, commissions are paid monthly, with a minimum payout threshold of $50. The two-tiered affiliate compensation system not only rewards you with the commission on sales made by people you recruit but also pays a 5% commission on sales made by those you recruit. The opportunity exists to bring in a healthy passive income each and every month.

5. Aweber

When appropriate, participating in AWeber’s Affiliate Program might be beneficial. 30% of all referral earnings will be sent to you every month. But for businesses with under 500 members, AWeber provides a “Free” subscription. Small businesses aren’t likely to generate revenue for you because of the Free version’s unlimited use.

6. Thinkific

Thinkific, an online learning platform, provides a great affiliate scheme as well. You will get a 30% monthly recurring lifetime commission for each new client you bring in.

Successful online course makers will have no reason to cancel their Thinkific subscription, so you may keep earning commissions from them indefinitely.

7. WP Engine

WordPress is widely used by people who already have an online presence and by those who want to enter the online blogging sector. WP Engine is a top choice for WordPress hosting, and they provide a lucrative affiliate program for those who recommend them.

You may earn a $200 commission for every new client you bring in for WP Engine. In addition, you may receive a bonus of $1,000 or more if you successfully recommend 60 or more accounts within 30 days.

How to Begin a High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business

Getting the skills you need is the first step in learning how to do high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Here are some steps to think about if you want to learn how to get started with high-ticket affiliate marketing.

1. Find a market that pays well

Locating a lucrative niche is the first step to effective high ticket affiliate marketing. Several approaches may be taken. Pick a market segment that either excites you or has substantial growth potential.

Finding a topic that really interests you might help you stay in the game longer and produce higher-quality work. But a promising submarket may provide more financial reward.

It all comes down to your ultimate objectives and the characteristics you’re hoping to find in a specialized field. Do your homework before settling on one, however.

2. Find out about affiliate programs

Next, you should look into affiliate programs in your selected field. Several options exist for doing this.

Using an affiliate marketing platform like ClickBank or ShareASale is one option. Affiliate programs are consolidated in these networks. This facilitates the process of identifying relevant media for your specific interest area.

You can also do a search like “niche + affiliate program” to find relevant affiliate programs. If you click on this, a list of apps that fit your specialization will appear.

The last option for discovering affiliate programs is to get in touch with businesses one by one and inquire as to whether or not they have such a program. While some firms may make their initiatives public, others may not. It is always worthwhile to inquire about this.

3. Sign up with a affiliate program

When you’ve decided on a few affiliate programs to join, the next step is to join an affiliate network.

Creating an account and filling up some personal details is usually all that’s required for this.

4. Pick expensive items

Pick the goods you’d want to sell next. To avoid seeming dishonest, only endorse goods in which you have personal experience. While price is certainly a factor, you should check if the product in question is of great quality and in demand before shelling out a lot of cash.

Online evaluations and suggestions from experts in your field may also help you zero in on the best items.

5. Produce useful material

Making content that people find useful is the next stage in getting people to click on your affiliate links. Blog posts, videos, and eBooks are three of the most widely consumed forms of online information.

You can both help your readers and increase clicks on your affiliate links by writing blog entries. Make sure your postings are interesting and useful.

Videos are another excellent choice that may significantly boost traffic. You may make tutorials, critiques, and commercials.

6. Start a mailing list

One of the most crucial things you can do for your high-ticket affiliate marketing firm is to grow an email list, and providing outstanding content is a terrific method to accomplish just that. You may keep in contact with your audience and advertise new items and affiliate links by using an email list.

Offering something of value in return for email addresses is the greatest approach to grow an email list. This may be anything like a free report, video series, or email course, depending on your specific specialty. Individuals will gladly sign up to get the product if it helps them out or is otherwise valuable.

7. Do some advertising for your affiliate links

You should now begin advertising your affiliate links. You may leverage the many content types you make and the people who share them, as well as social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, to do this.

Keep your audience in mind at all times when marketing your affiliate connections. You should provide them with useful information and resources rather than merely spamming them with links.

8. Be sure to keep an eye on your progress

Success monitoring is essential in every business, and high-ticket affiliate marketing is no exception. Click-through rates and earnings per visit are two other key indicators to keep an eye on alongside traffic and conversion rates.

If you monitor these metrics, you’ll know what’s working and what needs work. This will help with advertising efficiency and profit.

9. Get the most out of your marketing efforts

You’ll want to fine-tune your high-ticket affiliate marketing strategies as you gain expertise. You may do a few various things, such as split testing alternative offer pages or adjusting your ad wording, to improve conversions.

One of the best ways to find out what does and does not work is via split testing. Create two variants of your offer page and compare their results to find out which one is more successful. Make adjustments to the underperforming page until it begins to convert better.

An ad text revision is another powerful tool for increasing ROI. A higher CTR and more purchases may be yours with just a little bit of phrase tweaking.

10. Keep learning new things

Because of the dynamic nature of online marketing, keeping abreast of emerging practices is crucial. Make sure you’re always expanding your knowledge base by doing anything like reading blogs, listening to podcasts, or enrolling in online courses.

In addition, it is vital to keep abreast of developments in your particular field. To effectively assist your readers, always provide the most recent data.


If you are ready to put in the time and effort, high-ticket affiliate marketing may be a fantastic method to earn money online. It’s a concept with significant profit margins and possibilities for big commissions.

Finding the correct high-ticket affiliate marketing items to advertise and organizing your promotion efforts are crucial to your success in this field. If you’re able to master this, you’ll be well on your way to learning how to generate money online without having to work a traditional job.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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