Infinity Processing System Review: Affiliate Marketing Hype or Legit?

With the Infinity Processing System affiliate program, you have to buy the products before you can get the rights to sell them again.

It’s a business opportunity where you can promote the products as an affiliate, but you have to buy the products first to be accepted into the affiliate program.

Inside Profits Passport, they have four ways to make money, and the IPS system is the second one. As part of Profits Passport, it is a mid-ticket item.

Profits Passport has some expensive products that cost thousands of dollars, but the IPS system is the middle-priced product.

The most you can pay to join is $300.

As a marketer, you’re basically reselling these same levels, and when someone buys the IPS system through your link, you’ll get a commission. This is true whether you promote the IPS system directly or through the Profits passport members area.

Infinity Processing System Merchant Account & Payment Processors

You get paid directly by the Infinity Processing System, so it’s not an affiliate network like Clickbank.

There is also no e-wallet system that the company uses to pay you every two weeks when you ask to get your money out. For example, the affiliates of the Traffic Authority system use an E-Wallet.

With IPS Marketing System, you get paid straight from your own merchant account. That’s good because you get the money directly, which means you can put it right back into marketing and help grow your list-building efforts.

But if you do that, any refunds or chargebacks go directly through your Infinity Processing System merchant account, which could hurt your reputation.

There are pros and cons to paying for Infinity Processing System directly through your own merchant account (payment processor), and there will be a lot of different ways to pay because the sales page has a lot of different payment links.

You have more than one button to buy. Someone might choose PayPal, and there might also be Venmo or some kind of merchant account that works like Stripe. There are many things from which to choose.

Personally, I’d rather just use affiliate networks or an e-wallet system, where the company handles your money and handles any refunds. Then, every two weeks, you’ll get paid, and all you have to do is ask to withdraw the money.

I like the e-wallet and affiliate network method best, but people who like to be paid directly can use direct payment processors and merchant accounts.

Products of the Infinity Processing System

From what I can tell, the Infinity Processing System products are mostly advertising materials made to help people sell the IPS system itself.

You get marketing templates already set up and can be shared on social media to promote your version of the IPS Marketing System and bring people into your sales funnel.

I don’t really like it when a program is set up so that the product is the chance to do something.

The marketing materials are not universal and can only be used to promote IPS.

It would be better if you could change it to promote other things, but the product is advertising for the same system you just used to get in.

I like it better when there are more ways to make it your own, so you can change the sales funnel, the offer, and make your own marketing materials. But this is made for people who are just starting out and don’t want to do any of that. They just want ads and templates that are already made for them, and they want you to post them “as is” to promote the same product they just bought.

Infinity Processing System Payment Plan

Infinity Processing System is one of those online business opportunities where you have to buy a certain amount of the product before you can sell it.

I talk about this in my Legendary Marketer review as well, but it’s good to see that the company has switched to a free affiliate program.

This $25 admin fee is how the company makes money. So you pay $50 to your sponsor (the marketer who told you about the system) and another $25 to the IPS Marketing System for administrative costs.

All of the administrative fees are how the company makes money.

Affiliates of the Infinity Processing System make money because the costs of the products go straight to the sponsor.

With the cost of the product, you also get training on how to use different social media marketing strategies. This is a good thing since many of these systems only focus on buying traffic from solo ads to build your email list.

This one focuses more on social media and free methods than most back offices of these “done for you” systems do these days.

I think it’s a good idea to combine free social media marketing methods with blogging, your own YouTube channel, and regular paid advertising through your own monthly solo ads budget.

Summary of the Infinity Processing System Review

In short, the Infinity Processing System (IPS Marketing System) is marketing material that is already made to promote the IPS system.

It is a middle-of-the-road program whose most expensive level costs only $300.

Even though the only purpose of the product is to sell it again, you will still learn how to market on social media and how to market in general. So, you could use those skills to promote other things in the future.

I think that’s where the value of a business opportunity comes in, even if you only use the products to sell what you just bought when you first start out. But if you use what you learned later and apply it to other things, it has value.

When this Pro Level upgrade costs around $10,000 or something crazy like $30,000, I don’t like the look of it.

I think it’s crazy to buy resale rights and marketing materials to sell a $30,000 product again.

I don’t think it’s worth it to buy really expensive versions of the Infinity Processing System where all you get is marketing materials to resell. I would stay away from those, but with a cheaper one like this, even if they go out of business, you still got $300 worth of training that you can use on other projects.

I hope my review of the Infinity Processing System helped!

I get free traffic to my blog and YouTube channel, and I also buy solo ads every now and then to add to my list building.

It’s all about getting people to click on your affiliate sales funnels and offers whenever you want.

If you’d like to try out the Infinity Processing System yourself, simply click here.

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